Three ways you can earn your customers’ trust

If you want to grow or maintain your business there’s one essential element you need – and that’s lots of happy customers.

A customer that likes and trust you won’t just buy from you once – they’ll keep coming back to buy from you again, and they’ll help to spread the word about what you do.

But how can you ensure that you attract plenty of happy customer – and keep them coming back time and time again? If you want to gain the trust and loyalty of your customers to ensure your business revenue, here are three things you need to do.

1) Create a safe environment

Whether you are running a brick and mortar shop or an online store, customers will only purchase your products and services if they feel safe in the environment they are in.

This includes the physical environment – so you need to ensure your shop or cafe looks clean, tidy, safe and accurately reflects your brand values.

It also includes the digital environment. So you need to make sure your website is well designed and works properly. It needs the correct information on it too – and to properly tell your story and explain what you offer properly.

Online extends to social media. Are your accounts properly branded and do they look and sound like you? And are you using them consistently?

And finally, do you send promotions and advertisements by email? If these aren’t properly planned, written and designed they may be seen as spam by your customers (and their email provider – and sent direct to their spam folder).

2) Be professional at all times

It doesn’t matter what industry your business is in, you’ll only gain (and keep) your customers’ trust by consistent professionalism.

This includes your behaviour – are you polite, professional and do you do what you say you will, at the time you say, and to a quality expected of you or your business?

If you are a contractor of freelancer, do you have the appropriate experience, qualifications, industry memberships and insurance? Insurance is particularly important for some professions, and clients won’t consider hiring you if you don’t have an up-to-date policy from a reputable contractors insurance company.

It’s also important to maintain your professionalism if things go wrong. Sometimes customers or clients may complain to or about you. And sometimes those complaints may be unfair.

But how you handle and respond to any negative feedback or criticism can impact how you’re see by other and potential customers, and the trust they have in your business to live up to expectations and handle them responsibly.

3) Improve your customer service

One way to try to avoid any potential complaints is to ensure you deliver excellent customer service. All other things being equal (price, quality and convenience) customers will usually choose to return to a business they like and can trust.

And not only that; they’re more likely to recommend and refer you to friends and family if they love dealing with you.

So check that you’re offering the best possible customer service. This includes meeting customers’ expectations of speed and quality, as well as how friendly and professional you are to deal with as a business.

Regular, appropriate communication is also key for great customer service. Do you keep in contact with your customers? Do you keep them abreast of any company news, and give them first notice of any offers or sales?

And are you easy to get in touch with if a customer has a query or problem? One of the biggest complaints about companies is that they are difficult to get hold of or unresponsive. Just getting this one area right can win you significant brownie points with your customers.

Photo by Rod Long