Three techniques to help you enrich your employees’ education

In today’s competitive business world, you need to ensure your employees are constantly up to date on the most recent information available in their field.

Because information changes rapidly in the modern world, stagnation is a luxury that businesses can no longer afford.

There is always something new to learn and a new method to employ if something isn’t working well. Even if things are working great, keeping employees abreast of new competition or new methods is essential. The notion of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”  is the destroyer of progress.

There are many different ways to bring in new information to employees. Consider these three methods of enriching employee education.

1) Virtual teaching modules 

The most convenient and efficient way to distribute information would, of course, be virtual. With virtual education, employees can track their progress and finish learning at their own pace, whether that’s slower or faster than their peers. It also allows you, as a leader, to see where people are struggling and excelling. Finding online education removes the task from your shoulders, allowing you to focus on other things. 

Companies, such as Learn To Win, focus solely on finding better ways to teach information to people, using techniques like gamification. Why spend effort trying to develop teaching modules yourself when there are already people who do this best? 

2) In-house seminars

Likely, the people you’ve hired to do a specific job are already experts in their field. You can encourage them to share their knowledge by having periodic in-house seminars where your experts speak on their topics and educate the other employees.

It can be helpful for all workers to be somewhat cross-trained and understand what their co-workers are doing. Indeed, cross-training creates an agile workforce, providing a defense against indispensable employees.

Having a work-day seminar can ensure that everyone in attendance has received the same information simultaneously. It can be a relatively cost-effective alternative or complement to online learning software. It also allows employees to engage with each other, increase their confidence in speaking, and improve workplace relations. 

3) Inviting experts 

No matter what topic you want to teach your employees, an expert is always available to speak about it. Hiring a verified expert to come to speak checks multiple boxes:

  • You can be sure the information is the most up-to-date and correct
  • You can be sure that the speaker is likely engaging and will keep your audience’s attention
  • It relieves you from having to plan a lesson yourself

While this method is not the most cost-effective (and likely expensive), it’s a great way to ensure you’re providing top-notch education to your employees. And with remote platforms and video conferencing technologies, you can even invite outsiders into online channels.

How will you keep your employees up to date?

However you choose to disseminate new information to your workforce, one thing is sure: someone else is already trying something new, and your business will likely fall behind the competition without learning and incorporating new things.

There is so much information available and many ways to share it. There is no reason to keep yourself or your employees in the dark!