What is patient-centered care?

The startup and home business industries can learn a lot from healthcare companies, and how they’ve adapted to recent changes in how they operate.

Healthcare institutions are shifting from conventional disease-centered care to more modern, service-oriented patient-centered care. This shift has resulted in an increase in demand for qualified nurses, according to the University of Arizona and its RN to MSN programs.

Hospitals and other healthcare institutions are also incorporating technologies to help present the best patient experience possible. EMR or Electronic Medical Records are very similar in nature to CRMs used by businesses. They keep track of a patient’s history and allow healthcare providers to offer very personalized, highly targeted treatment plans.


It is also interesting to note that the healthcare industry continues to upgrade its standards on a regular basis. This is what startups and businesses need to do in order to stay competitive in today’s market.

You can learn more about patient-centered care from the complete infographic by msnonline.arizona.edu.