Our pick of clever, space-saving workspace ideas

When you are working from your family home – whether you’re starting a business, freelancing or retraining for a new career – your workspace options are often limited.

Luckily though, companies have caught on to this and have designed desks and accessories to suit even the tightest spaces – so you can create a small (working) oasis in even the smallest area of your home.

Our pick of space-saving workspace ideas

To help you work smarter (without sacrificing style) at home, we’ve scoured the stores and websites to put together our pick of clever, space-saving workspace ideas (clockwise from left):

  • This Buddy Laptop Desk looks like an old fashioned school desk with a Scandinavian vibe. Put away your laptop and notebook at the end of the day and it’s ready close and say goodbye to work.
  • The Brenta Wall Desk folds up to become invisible and slimline. This ingenious, space-saving desk attaches to your wall, opening and closing easily via its gas lift hinge mechanism. When open, its metal work surface has ample space for a laptop, and when closed it serves as an ideal place to store your tablet and/or phone. Perfect for tight corners.
  • These metal feather hooks double up as a wall decoration or as a place to hang items around your working space.
  • Create your own stylish and practical moodboard with this magnetic wallpaper from Sisters Guild, a nice alternative to the classic chalkboard/magnetic paint. Ideal to hang drawings, notes and pictures.
  • Tidy any paperwork up in this oversized, bent metal envelope from Goodwin & Goodwin. Designed to store your post, documents or files. Keep your paperwork organised and off the desk! It fits both A4 envelopes/documents in landscape and portrait.
  • The Colosseum Ladder Desk is designed with an angled shape that leans against the wall. This clever design places shelving above a compact desk space for a space-efficient solution.