Optimizing video quality with CapCut’s export settings

The quality of your video is very important if you want to become a trending influencer on social media platforms like  TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram.

We have seen so many people create and post videos on the internet, but only the best of the best manage to make it to the top trending influencers. 

CapCut, a free online video editor, provides you with top-notch video editing software that will see you become a star, from filters to audio effects, not to mention its export settings that aid in determining video quality.


In this article, we are going to discuss how to optimize your video quality using CapCut’s export settings. Let’s dive into it.

How to optimize video quality with CapCut’s export settings

Source: CapCut

The export feature in CapCut has settings that help creators get the most out of the software in terms of video quality. A good quality video attracts more attention and gets more viewers on social media. But before we begin, let us have a look at how you can export a video from CapCut;

Step 1: Upload the clip in CapCut

First things first, you have to have a video in your CapCut timeline before you can prompt the export feature. To upload a video in CapCut, click on the “Media” icon at the top left part of the CapCut timeline. You will see an option to drag and drop your file on the timeline; click on it and choose the file you want to edit.

Step 2: Edit the video clip

Once you have the video in the CapCut timeline, start the editing process using the various CapCut editing tools available. You can add audio effects, captions, stickers, filters, and transitions; the list is endless. Make sure to explore all the tools to understand them better before using them in your video.

Step 3: Export the video

The final step is to export your video so you can share it with your audience on your social media platforms. The export feature is found at the top right corner of CapCut’s timeline. At the CapCut export window, you can adjust the resolution of your video, input the file name and frame and also adjust the frame rate. All this is done to improve the quality of your video. 

The best CapCut export settings

Resolution: 4k

CapCut’s export settings allow you to adjust your video’s resolution to 4k, which is high-definition. Your video acquires maximum clarity, and all the colors and other effects added to the video become more vibrant. 

Most movie producers are working with 4k resolution in their productions. CapCut’s export feature provides you with this free of charge.

Frame rate: 30FPS

With CapCut’s export settings, you are able to adjust your video’s frame rate from 24 to 30FPS. This will add quality to your video.

In addition to the export settings, CapCut also has other tools that will help you determine the quality of your video. These tools include the following:

  • Filters: There is a huge library of filters in the CapCut timeline that you can use to edit your video. The filters are sorted into different categories to make it easier for you to make your selection.
  • Audio effects: CapCut also has a wide variety of audio effects that you can add to your video footage to create more emphasis and communicate more to your audience. CapCut’s audio effects are also subdivided into categories, and you get to choose one that goes hand-in-hand with the message you want to portray.
  • Background remover: Capcut’s video background remover feature allows you to remove and change the background of your video to suit your preference. There are different backgrounds available in the timeline that you can use.
  • Stickers: CapCut also provides you with stickers to add to your videos. There are funny stickers to amuse your viewers, emotion emoji stickers to set a mood in your videos. There are also special occasion stickers such as Christmas stickers, 4th of July stickers, etc.
  • Trendy music: You can also add trending music to your videos using CapCut. Most TikTok influencers use this feature to capture their audience’s attention and add fun to their videos.
  • Captions: CapCut also has a text overlay feature that you can use to add captions to your videos. 
  • Auto Subtitles: This CapCut feature enables you to add subtitles to your video, and this helps you to communicate to a larger audience across the globe. 

Try this free editing software

CapCut has so many features that contribute to the overall quality of your video. The export feature adds the final polish to your video after you have done all the editing on your video.

CapCut software is preferred by many TikTok influences not only due to its editing tools but also due to its export settings. If you want to become the next TikTok star, then why not try this amazing editing software?