Less is more: How to streamline your online presence

Love to get more done (and earn more) in less time? Find out how to streamline your online presence.

Expanding your business isn’t necessarily about making it bigger and better. Whether you are running an online business or operating in the real world, your business strategy may not be serving you well.

We have to remember that less is more. And so streamlining your online presence is just as important. The goal is to boost customer engagement, but how can you streamline your online presence?

Fine-tuning your SEO

SEO has always been crucial, but are you doing in enough to keep on top of it? When we neglect the ever-changing world of Search Engine Optimisation, we can find ourselves redundant. Streamlining your online presence is about finding the right search engine tools to aid your exposure.

This could mean altering your content or getting rid of dead weight, but it could also mean embracing video. Video can increase traffic by 41% when you do it right. And by incorporating video as part of your SEO strategy, you may find that it is a far more suitable method for putting your message across.

Many organisations opt for blogs or infographic content, but is this the right method for your business?

Let your customers create the content

If you are trying to maintain a consistent presence on social media, generating engaging content on a regular basis is difficult. But you might be missing an opportunity to let your followers define the content that they prefer.

Using social media contests can help to engage your followers. And in fact, engaging your followers requires less effort than going to your marketing team. Asking open-ended questions and suggesting hashtags and tagging partners in their answers results in effortless content and an increased number of followers.

Create a landing page strategy

Take a look at your landing page, is it easily accessible to the average person? When you are changing or streamlining your business, you’ve got to look at how you can engage customers quickly without much effort. And this is the simplest way to answer any immediate needs.

You can create an exciting landing page quickly to avoid a lot of customer confusion. You can create a landing page strategy by targeting long-tail keywords to a specific landing page, or you could direct your social media profile to a specific landing page to avoid confusion, especially when you are changing your website.

Utilising UX

User experience is the key to better customer engagement. By relying on the best and most modern digital technology to simplify the overall experience, you are putting the power in your customer’s hands.

By putting them at the core of your strategy you can provide the best platform for your customers. By simplifying the experience, you are making it effortless.

We have to remember that when we are building up the business that we bring everything down to its most basic elements. By incorporating UX components, you are working to please the most important person in the transaction: the customer. By streamlining your online presence, you are playing into the hands of the customer to make life easier, for them and for you.

Photo by Filip Bunkens