Interview with Lindsey Fish from the Mums Enterprise Roadshow

When events agency founder Lindsey Fish couldn’t find events aimed at ambitious mums like her and her friends, she decided to create her own. Find out how the Mums Enterprise Roadshow came to life.

Describe your work history before going it alone in less than 20 words.

I caught the ‘event bug’ landing an apprenticeship placement at 16, climbed the career ladder and moved into marketing.

What five words best describe what you do?

Organise, prioritise, coordinate, sell and communicate.


Why do you love what you do?

As soon as I was involved in organising exhibitions at the tender age of 16, I knew events were for me. I loved the challenges, the thinking on your feet, the anticipation before the opening of an event and a feeling of elation after an event.

I moved into marketing to gain more varied experience as I had always had an interest in advertising too and I am so pleased I made that choice. Events these days are more about the event day but the whole experience before, during and after and I really love creating a brand, getting involved with an audience, advertising and promoting it.

The reason I love creating my own brands is again a similar feeling to organising the events, I must like the scary feeling you get when you put yourself and your ideas out there. I am also now more about long term gain and really dedicated to long-term success, its not just about quick win’s like it was when your 20. It’s got serious but I love it, trying to make my mark on the world.

How did you come up with the idea for the Mums Enterprise Roadshow?

I launched Little Fish Event Management back in June 2014 instead of returning to work after my maternity leave. So many women face the same conundrum – mine was that I had no family near me, a long commute to the city and it really wouldn’t have been worth it.

Launching Little Fish and becoming a mum opened up a whole new world. I met other ambitious mums and I also saw the challenges my friends were having after having their babies.

Events are my thing, and I thought an event would be the ideal platform to bring ambitious mums together with work and business opportunities and support I knew were already out there. So I did my research and once I knew there was an interest I went for it by starting to plan, finding venues, creating our tone of voice and initial copy.

Then Lucy (creative director and good friend) came and knocked my socks off with her designs. The website launched in September 2015 and we already had Virgin StartUp and Talented Ladies Club on board as partners which really helped with the credentials.



What IS the Mums Enterprise Roadshow?

The Mums Enterprise Roadshow is a series of inspirational events that are full of support and opportunity aimed at helping ambitious mums re-train, find flexible work, start up or grow a business.

There are two events planned for 2016 (Rickmansworth on 9 June and in Broxbourne on 18 June – both close to London) and they’re packed with inspiration, services, work and business opportunites. The days comprise of:

  • Expert and practical workshops.
  • Q&A sessions with other successful women.
  • Over 30 exhibitors dedicated to making the events awesome.
  • Speed networking with other ambitious mums.
  • Free Enterprisers Handbook to help you create your own action plan.
  • Refreshments and lunch (to fuel you throughout the day!)
  • Competitions and give-aways to ensure you have fun.
  • Packed goody bag.



Best single thing about being an ambitious mum?

I think my burning desire to succeed has increased, the fire in the belly is certainly burning brighter for me.

I enjoy being responsible for Molly and caring for her and I will do everything I can to succeed for her and the rest of my family. Life is more precious now and I want to make the most of it, I don’t feel as afraid to be me as I did before Molly, and actually feel I can just ‘go for it’ after all you only live once and I am up for the hard work.

As you are on a ‘mission to the moon’ what five things can’t you live without which you would need aboard the Enterprise?

  1. The Friends DVD box set.
  2. TV (with combined DVD to watch it on).
  3. Molly – she’d be coming with me (I’d leave the boyfriend at home!).
  4. Chocolate.
  5. Pen and paper (for ideas and meeting notes for others who are there).

Join the Mums Enterprise Roadshow in Rickmansworth on 9 June and in Broxbourne on 18 June. You can find out more and buy your tickets here