How to work on the go

Need to work on the go? Find out how to do it more successfully.

Working on the go is becoming more attractive to a younger generation who prize flexibility and freedom over anything else. This is especially true if they work a remote role that does not require them to physically be in the office.

This rise has been exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic, leading more Americans than ever to work remotely. The question that might be on the tip of your tongue when the pandemic winds down is how to balance work while on the go, whether that is personal travel or a busy jet-setting business schedule.

In order to set yourself up for working on the go, this guide has been created to tell you everything that you need to know. Read on now to learn more. 

Get a virtual office

If you are working in many different locations, or if you do not even have a fixed location to call your permanent residence or place of work, then it is essential to get yourself set up with a virtual office. Much cheaper than their physical counterparts, they come with a whole host of wonderful benefits.

They are also crucial if you do not want to miss any important letters, as virtual office providers scan your letters and send them to you wherever you are in the world. If you are interested in a virtual address, check out the reasonably-priced services available at iPostal1.

Purchase a great mobile data plan 

When traveling on the go, especially when traveling to other countries, one of the most costly expenses can be using mobile data. One can, of course, get a local sim-card, but that can also be a lot of hassle if moving around a lot within a short space of time.

That is why it is a really great idea to get an international mobile data plan that means that you can connect to the network no matter where you are in the world, making it easier than ever to do your job. In conjunction with this, you should also: 

Get a dongle 

If you are working on the go with your laptop, it is a really bad idea to rely on the dodgy Wi-Fi provided on trains on in cafés, or pay through the nose for Wi-Fi on planes or in airports. A much smarter decision is to invest in a dongle, which can easily connect you to the internet no matter where you are. Talking of travel, make sure to: 

Book business lounges and seat reservations 

You lose a lot of time moving through crowded places that do not offer tables where you can sit down calmly and work. This is why it is essential to try and book business lounges at airports and train stations in order to have somewhere relaxed to work before disembarking on your adventure.

They also come with free drinks and Wi-Fi, therefore potentially saving you money while increasing your productivity. It also does not necessarily need to cost you that much at all, with many of them available through loyalty or credit cards. 

Photo by Anete Lūsiņa