How to pick a prom dress for your body shape and complexion

Attending a formal event yourself, or want to help your teenage daughter find the perfect dress for her prom? Here are some quick tips to help you pick a prom dress for your body shape and complexion.

Prom night is quite possibly the most anticipated event in some teens’ lives. And naturally your daughter will want to look as beautiful and elegant as possible.

Choosing the perfect prom dresses to help her feel confidence and look stunning can be a difficult task. What style and colour would best suit her body shape and complexion? To help you find the right dress for her (or even one for a formal event of your own) here are some quick tips.

Consider your body shape

When picking a prom dress, it’s a good idea to look for styles that suit your body shape. If you have a pear-shaped body, it’s wise to avoid short dresses. A line dresses and skirts, however, look terrific on your body type. Try to avoid fuller gowns or dresses above your knees, too. And wear darker shades on the lower half of your body. YOU may also want to think about a two-piece outfit.

Long prom dresses look great on hourglass figures, as do mermaid styles which show off your curves.  If you have an apple-shaped body you may want to avoid short and tight dresses. Instead, consider strapless gowns with plunging V-neckline.

If you have a busty body type, you might want to opt for a sheath style prom dress to highlight your curves. Choose monochromatic shades over bright patterns, too.

Match the atmosphere and location

Consider the theme of the prom party when choosing the colour of your dress. For example, if your party theme is blue, you might want to choose from different hues of blue. You can also consider pearly pink, seafoam green seashell purple, sandy yellow or similar colours for an undersea theme.

A prom at poolside or the beachside may inspire the underwater shades or earthy color scheme. Try bright and flashy colors, such as tar black, neon light, rosy pink, earthy green, lavender, sunset orange or twilight blue tones.

Select the best colour for your complexion

When choosing a colour for your prom dress, consider what best compliments your complexion. If you have fair skin, try different colours, such as bright pastels, sapphire, blue undertones, and light pink. Greens, blacks, whites, and blues can also complement your skin tone.

If you have a medium skin tone, choose eggshell blue, plum, lavender, soft pastels, peach, and pink tones. If you have peach and earthy tones, you can consider bold prints and patterns on green, red shades. Metallic gold can also be a good choice for your complexion.

People with dark skin look good in reddish to golden tones. You’ll look stunning in shimmery gold and ivory gowns.

Photo by Andrew Seaman