How to choose the right high end mascara for you

While drugstores may have been upping their game recently when it comes to makeup and beauty products, there’s still a lot to be said for splurging on high-end products.

Whether you prefer to splurge on luxury products for everyday use, or you save up to treat yourself every so often, there are plenty of good reasons to invest in high-end ranges. 

High-end mascara has grown in popularity in recent years, with consumers seeking specific product benefits, such as the tarte mascara, which promises it’s the best transfer-proof mascara, or brands that give users an instant false-lash effect.

But with so many options available, how can you narrow your choice down and find the best high-end mascara for your needs? Here are some shopping tips that can help you out.

What’s your idea of “perfect lashes”?

The first tip is to identify what your own vision of perfect lashes is. Each person is different, and the qualities you consider important may not rank highly for others.

So decide whether you want more volume, longer lashes, separated lashes, blacker looking lashes, or a plumped-up effect. Once you determine how you want your lashes to look, it will narrow down the options.

Do you want a waterproof formula?

Not everyone wants or need a mascara with a waterproof formula, so if you do, then this is something you will need to look for specifically.

You may choose a waterproof mascara if your eyes often water, you want to swim with your mascara on, or you just don’t want black streaks running down your cheeks in the rain.

While its great to wear a mascara that doesn’t come off in a rainstorm, it’s not so convenient when you want to remove it at night. So if you wear waterproof mascara you’ll need a specific type of makeup remover. Typically anything oil-based will work best.

Do you mind having to build the mascara up?

Some mascaras will give you instant dramatic results, while others need building up. It depends on how much control you want: if you’re looking for something that works for casual daytime wear, as well as evenings out, then a buildable formula will allow for both.

Look at the shape of the wand

The shape of your mascara wand will also determine the type of effect it has on your lashes. There are curved and straight wands, and then the bristles will also vary dramatically.

Some wands densely, packed which can help reduce clumping but take longer to build up, while other bristles are more spaced out and can give dramatic results in the first application.

Venture beyond black mascara

Another tip is to consider looking at colors other than black. Black may be the staple color for mascara, but it may not be the most flattering to your skin tone and makeup looks.

A softer more natural option is brown, or you can get fun and playful and choose colored mascara such as a deep burgundy or bright royal blue.

Find a mascara that does the job perfectly – for YOU

By keeping each of these tips in mind, and then also remembering to give your lashes a quick curl before applying mascara, you can find a mascara that will give you the unique results that you are after.

Photo by Markus Spiske