How to boost your business in just 10 minutes

Looking for ways to grow your business fast? Here’s how to get your business investor-ready in just 10 minutes.

If you’re a startup, you’ll always be looking for ways to grow your business as quickly as possible. You trawl the Internet to do your research and find various articles on quick hacks that you can use to your benefit. Some of the advice will tell you to get funds, create strategic partnerships, and expand your networks and connections globally.

What they are saying is for you to get an investor. However, finding an investor – especially for startups in this day and age – can be hard. 

There are many things you have to consider. You have to look into the company or the person’s ability to fund and the range of their influence. You have to know if they fund repeat rounds of investment or if they are the right fit for your brand and culture. Doing these things takes up a lot of time and money. As a startup, you can’t necessarily afford that. 

That’s what global investors online pitch events are for.

These events have been around for quite some time. Pre-pandemic, these were done offline. Startup accelerators would organize pitch events in specific venues and invite small businesses to present in front of investors. Some events give three minutes, while others allow up to 10 minutes.

Eight steps to getting investor-ready in just 10 minutes

Now, these events have gone online and they are bigger than ever. Here are some tips on how you can prep yourself if ever you decide to join one of these events.

1) Have a script

Though it may seem more impressive if you have memorized your speech, having a script at hand that will guide you through your pitch is very beneficial. It will serve as a prompt for all your important points and help you avoid going over the time limit. 

2) Erase buzzwords

The investors in these events will have to listen to various startups that probably work in the same industry as you. Chances are a lot of you will be using the same set of words. Avoid this overused language to avoid boring your audience.

3) Practice your pitch

To be more engaging, you have to sound natural during these events. You can only manage that if you practice. You can do it differently each time. Start by practicing in front of the mirror, your laptop camera, or other people.

4) Take your time

Pitch events may have set time limits, but it doesn’t mean you have to rush your way through them. Your listeners have to understand everything you say. So, speak calmly and clearly. Keep your sentences short and crisp and pause after each point.

5) Use body language

Body language is still possible even if you’re doing your pitch online. Look at the webcam directly instead of watching yourself on your screen so that you make eye contact. Use appropriate facial expressions and hand gestures, too – just don’t constantly wave your hands about as this could be a distraction.

6) Highlight your unique strengths

Introduce yourself and your company through your strengths. Remember that you have to impress the investors who are listening to you. Grab their attention and capture their interest by letting them know what you have achieved so far and what you can do going forward.

7) Prepare everything you need

Before the pitch event starts, check your Internet connection and its stability. Also, choose a well-lit room that’s free of any distractions. You can also opt to use a headset or headphones to cut down on any background noise.

8) Show positive energy

Don’t stress over your presentation so much that you forget to have fun with it. Don’t be nervous. Instead, demonstrate the passion that you have for your business. Let your personality shine through. This will make investors more engaged as they get to know the person behind the company name.

How to meet investors at online pitch events

Due to the current situation the world is living in, it has become harder for startups to get investors the old way. Travel is restricted. Fortunately, with the help of modern technology, startup accelerators have found a solution by turning traditional pitch events into global investors’ online pitch events. 

Events like The Farm SoHo’s Digital Investor Pitch Nights gather investors for small businesses from all over the world. Dates will be announced soon, so now is the time to start preparing the perfect ten-minute pitch that may well see your enterprise winning the funding it so desperately needs and deserves to take it to the next level.