Four ways VPNs can help to enhance continuity in your business

Almost every business today relies on the internet to ensure effective communication and seamless flow in its day-to-day operations.

Any savvy business in this era needs to prioritize its security and privacy to avoid being a victim of data breaches and cyber-attacks that could affect the continuity of its operations.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is among the most reliable solutions for securely accessing the internet. Let’s look at some of the ways using the best vpn for firefox, or the best VPN for whatever browser you’re using, will ensure the continuity of your business operations.

1) It enables your team to safely collaborate remotely

In these times especially after being hit by the pandemic in the last two years, almost every business has come up with a remote working strategy. However, there has been a significant increase in cyber-attacks following the covid19 pandemic. These attacks could put you’re your business operations at a standstill if you don’t come up with a plan for dealing with them ahead of time. 

Using a VPN will significantly enhance the security and privacy of the teams that are using the internet to collaborate remotely. GoodAccess VPN uses zero-trust encryption of all the data on each user’s device in your company before it is sent over to the internet. That means no one in-between will have access to this data in its raw form. 

2) Teams can use public WiFi without any worries

Places with public WiFi are among the common hot spots where hackers and other cybercriminals steal people’s data. However, with a VPN, one can safely use public WiFi since their IP address is hidden, so it is technically impossible for hackers to gain any form of access to the device they are using to access the internet. 

So, if you want your team members to continue working from anywhere without worrying about the safety of the WiFi networks, using a VPN should be a must. 

3) you can gain access to region-locked apps and content

There are certain business applications, including Google Workspace that are blocked in some countries. For instance, all Google services are restricted in countries such as China. This could hinder your business operations if some members of your team reside in countries where the services they rely on to do their day-to-day tasks are blocked. 

Using a VPN will enable your team to access all apps and content no matter which country they go to. This ensures continuity of tasks without experiencing any location limitations. 

4) You avoid bandwidth throttling

Internet service providers can intentionally slow down your internet at certain times in order to reduce congestion on their network. Sometimes they throttle the speeds based on the websites or services one is using. However, with a VPN your traffic passes through a virtual private network which is less congested. 

A VPN also hides all your browsing information, so your ISP will not know the websites and services you are using. This could save you from the deliberate bandwidth throttling, hence ensuring a stable connection. This is a big deal for businesses where team members constantly download or share huge files that require a faster internet connection.