Brand your shipping: Five ways to make your packaging stand out

While the most important thing in the package is the item ordered, the packaging itself plays a huge role. Here are five ways to brand your shipping.

With the rise of social media, more and more people are looking for Instagram-worthy packaging and doing this can really help with your marketing drive which in turn, can help you make more sales.

Don’t delay when it comes to branding and making your packaging stand out. To help you get it right, here are five tips.

1) Use your logo liberally

Your brand’s logo is its badge of honour. Splash it everywhere, wear it with pride and be keen to show it off. You want your name and logo in front of as many people as possible.

You can get your logo printed onto business cards, leaflets, stickers and so much more. You can also include these marketing materials inside the parcel. 

2) Include marketing materials 

That leads us nicely onto our next point: marketing materials. Your parcel is going to land right in the hands of a customer, the exact place you want it. While they have already placed an order, now is your chance to get repeat custom – use it.

Along with the item ordered, make yourself some branded leaflets. You can include a discount code for free delivery or money off their next order. These leaflets can be made at home, invest in a quality printer, such as an Epson, along with Epson ink and you’re good to start printing your very own marketing materials.

3) Invest in personalised wrapping

Gift wrapping is great, especially if you offer gifts. You can use personalised tissue paper and ribbon to add branding to your wrapping.

These little finishing touches can see someone take a photo of the package, post it on social media and tag your in it meaning more potential customers will see your businesses – all because you invested in some personalised tissue paper. You can decide whether to charge extra for gift-wrapping or offer it complimentary. 

4) Make sure it makes sense

Make sure your branding is relevant. If you offer a luxury high-end product, you want to make sure the packaging emanates that. If you’re proud to offer an eco-friendly product and your business’ ethos is around sustainability, ensure you stay committed to that and invest in recycled or reusable packaging. 

5) Make it memorable

You want your packaging to stand out and be memorable. Take Selfridge’s as an example, on the outside their packaging looks like a plain cardboard box, but when you open it up you’re welcomed with the brand’s signature bright yellow.

Memorable packaging can help build brand awareness which in turn can expand your audience and encourage people to build an affinity with your company. When designing your packaging consider these two key elements:

  1. Colour: Try and use your colour scheme. If your brand is red and orange, don’t go for blue and green. You want your product and name to be instantly recognisable. 
  2. Keep it consistent: Try and use the same fonts and styles whenever possible.

There are some simple ways to make your packaging stand out, from choosing the right colours to staying loyal to your brand’s ethos. Consider these five tips and make your packaging stand out in the future.