Want to work with Hannah Martin on your business?

Talented Ladies Club founder Hannah Martin has over a decade’s experience in running profitable businesses. She’s also an award-winning advertising copywriter, a qualified psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner, and an experienced business and freelance coach and mentor.

Hannah has delivered workshops for Mumsnet and Country Living, she’s a marketing mentor for NatWest’s Business Accelerator programme, and is a national media expert, appearing on TV, and in magazines and newspapers.

If you’d love to access Hannah’s expertise, and get her help to build your own business or freelance career, here’s how you can work with her.

Join TLC Team

TLC Team is a monthly membership programme for small business owners and freelancers. It gives you resources, monthly masterclasses, community support, promotional opportunities, and monthly help from Hannah personally.

Here’s what you get when you join:

  • New online resources every month to help you tackle different parts of your business, including marketing, sales, time management, PR and more.
  • An in-depth live monthly masterclass (with recording and class slides) teaching topics like pricing, sales copy, confidence, business planning and marketing.
  • Access to a private Facebook group for support, community and accountability (with optional accountability partner).
  • A monthly group video Q&A with Hannah in which you can ask questions and get specific advice on a business issue.
  • The opportunity to promote your business to the Talented Ladies Club network of 90,000 monthly readers and over 70,000 social followers.
  • A branded Talented Ladies Club binder (UK members only) to collect and store your printable resources in.

So if you’d like help from us to make concrete progress on your business goals every single month, come and join us inside TLC Team.

Book a 121 business coaching session

If you’re stuck on one particular area of your business, or would love to get an injection of energy and renewed passion, book a 121 business coaching session with Hannah.

Each session lasts for one hour, and comes with specific research into your business, and practical ideas and strategies you can go away and implement immediately, so you see tangible results.

Your 121 business coaching session can cover any topic you wish. Here are just some of the subjects other business owners have booked sessions for:

  • Business strategy
  • USP and business purpose
  • Re-focusing and goal setting
  • Troubleshooting why one part of their business isn’t working
  • Pricing and sales
  • Mindset and imposter syndrome

After your 121 you’ll receive a video of the session to keep, so you can watch again to make any notes you need.

You can book a powerful one-off 121 business coaching session or, if you’d like help planning a specific project or launch, you can contact Hannah directly to book a series of sessions at a group booking rate.

Join the TLC VIP Club

Every year, we open an exclusive six month VIP programme for six established small business owners.

Over the six months you’ll work directly with Hannah through weekly group video calls and personal monthly 121 business coaching sessions. You’ll also have access to Hannah through a private cohort Facebook group.

The TLC VIP Club is perfect for established business owners who are ready to scale up from their startup roots, who need to unlock the greater potential in their business.

Here are some of the reasons why the TLC VIP Club could be a good fit for you:

  • Your business growth or sales have plateaued and you don’t know how to get them moving again.
  • You’ve fallen out of love with what you’re doing; feel uninspired or lack direction.
  • Your brand or offering feels a bit stale or undeveloped (or you’ve outgrown it) and you don’t know how to fix it.
  • Your offering is fantastic but you’re just not getting the sales you need.
  • You lack confidence in your pricing, sales approach or general marketing.
  • You lack confidence in yourself or suffer from imposter syndrome, and worry that you’re holding yourself back.
  • You miss having a team of peers to share problems, successes or sense check things when you need it.
  • You want – and know you can achieve – more, and need help to take your business up a gear.

Each of the six months is themed around a core aspect of your business that will unlock the real potential in it. As well as the personal coaching, accountability and support from Hannah, you get workbooks masterclasses and exercises to help you master each theme.

Here’s what you’ll cover:

Month one – Mission and goals

  • Finding your personal motivation
  • Setting your business vision
  • Identifying your business goals
  • Planning your strategy
  • Establishing goals for the next six months

Month two – Customer love

  • Identifying your real customers
  • Working out how to attract them
  • Writing your customer acquisition plan
  • And your retention strategy
  • Finding your up and cross selling opportunities

Month three – Mindset

  • Writing your money story
  • Spotting (and eliminating) your upper limits
  • Killing off your B-girl
  • Getting a Profit Mindset
  • Finding your Zone of Genius

Month four – Brand

  • Planning your branding
  • Identifying your values
  • Working out your real USP
  • Getting your website right

Month five – Profitability

  • Honing your offering
  • Identifying your buyers
  • Pricing your offering properly
  • Building your product ladder
  • Finding the best sales strategy
  • Looking for any money you’re leaving on the table

Month six – Visibility

  • Writing your marketing plan
  • Planning and implementing your social media strategy
  • Identifying your PR plan
  • Establishing yourself as an influencer
  • Building an engaged community
  • Revisiting your initial goals for these six months

Application to join the TLC VIP Club is by invitation only. If you feel you would benefit from the programme and the support from Hannah, please complete this questionnaire.

Hannah will then be in touch to book a free 30-minute discovery call with you to explore whether the programme is the right fit for you.

When does the VIP Club open?

If you’re accepted into the VIP Club, the programme will start in September. We take breaks at Christmas and half terms, to ensure that you’re not juggling the course and school holidays.

So, once your place is confirmed on the programme you can spend the summer relaxing, comfortable in the knowledge that in September you’ll be rolling your sleeves up and growing your business with the help of a hand-picked peer group and Hannah’s expertise. And can look forward to ending 2019 on a real high.

Ready to work with Hannah over six months? Complete our questionnaire now