Vanessa Ugatti

Vanessa Ugatti is a coach, speaker, author and developer of the UV + CV + CD = CW formula to help professionals charge what they are truly worth.

Vanessa dramatically shifts the thinking for people in professional services  taking them from their own perceptions of not feeling they can really charge what they are worth, to doing just that – and more! This unique ability, to bring out the best in people, has evolved for her over many years of facing similar challenges both professionally and personally, even questioning her own value in business.

With the development of her proprietary UV + CV + CD = CW formula, she works with professional services organisations and sole traders, instilling greater confidence and inspiring them to take the necessary action, resulting in incredibly fast changes that directly impact revenues and the bottom line.


The core value that drives Vanessa is authenticity; being true to herself.  She finds this is the key approach to helping her clients be empowered to find their true selves and in turn their true value.

Described by some as Wonder Woman with purple glasses, Vanessa Ugatti approaches the world of professional services and charging what you are worth differently. Her highly effective formula and coaching models have clients praising her as “simply the best” and “as good as it gets”; her authenticity wins her many more fans.