Tania Sullivan

Tania Sullivan is a mum of 13. Together with her husband Mike, she founded and runs Larger Family Life –┬áthe UK’s biggest online resource for large families. They also run their own company, Sigma Media.

Tania is a great believer in having the confidence to do things differently and to do what you believe in, even if it goes against the grain. She is a great family life advocate and you can often find her discussing family-related issues on daytime TV and the radio, with appearances including Daybreak, This Morning, and Channel 5.

A self-confessed thaasophobe, as well as working on their business and site, speaking publically on business and family matters (you can book her directly or through School Speakers), and home educating their kids, Tania is also studying for her BA in PPE.


She and Mike are currently on the way to making their dream of debt-free, mortgage-free, self-sufficient living a reality, while enjoying travelling and generally living life the larger family way.

Her epitaph will read: ‘Liked to keep busy.’