Stephanie Kleyman

Stephanie Kleyman is a commercial solicitor with over 25 years’ experience from small claims through to the Court of Appeal.

Stephanie has worked both in private practice and in-house, and combines a variety of legal knowledge as well as a good understanding of how businesses really work.

Famous for her ability to explain issues in straight forward language and to deliver advice and support with both compassion and a sense of humour, she has built up a loyal following of regular clients, mostly small businesses who need a wide variety of assistance and has a strong team of assistant solicitors and support staff around her to provide legal services at all levels.


Stephanie’s passion is to help new businesses get it right from the start, helping them develop policies and procedures for the recruitment, training and retaining of staff. She also advises on company and partnership matters.

Through the recession Stephanie has also focused on helping companies manage their cash flow by assisting them in implement effective contracts, terms and conditions and debt collection policies. She is also no stranger to the court process, helping clients bring and defend claims of all levels, although she is a big advocate of mediation and negotiation to avoid the uncertainties of litigation.

Stephanie and her team also work on commercial property matters, as well as some personal legal issues such as probate claims and building disputes.