Samantha Holman

Sam Holman is a life coach and an expert in women’s progression.

Sam works with women to unlearn fears that hold them back from living their full life potential. She also still works with young people in schools, because she is passionate about breaking the cycle of belief – the learnt┬ábehavior┬áthat we unconsciously teach and learn, that means many women worry they aren’t good enough in their normal daily lives in one area or another.

Sam started her career as a careers adviser in education, and then went on to teach adults – she realised then that there are some insecurities that are learnt when we are young that don’t go away just because we become adults and that can keep us feeling stuck.


Now she uses a unique blend of solution focused coaching therapy tools and techniques with her careers training, and has over fifteen years experience of advising, coaching and teaching them to one-to-one clients and groups.