Nicola Semple

Nicola Semple is a small business mentor and founder of Build Your Biz Online.

Nicola works with female business owners to help them get out of their own way and create a business that fully aligns with the life that they truly want, not the life they think they should have.

She is a strong advocate of using online marketing to build and grow a flexible business. She passionately believes that even the smallest business can harness the power of online marketing to help them punch above their weight and be a little business with a big voice.


Nicola has 10 years of experience as a management consultant working with large corporates and government departments, combined with five years experience working with small business in the online world. Nicola’s sound business knowledge combined with a healthy dose of pragmatism gives her a unique approach to working with small business owners.

You can find Nicola on Facebook and Twitter.