Nicky Rees

Nicky Rees is passionate about helping female business owners to unleash their inner Marketing Goddess to take their business to the next level.

Nicky created the Small Business Marketing Goddess as a community to help ladies to grow their business and make more money.

Everyone has to start somewhere, and back in the day when Nicky was starting out in her marketing career she used to come across things that she didn’t have a clue to do all the time.


She didn’t know where to turn for help and her only friend seemed to be Google. Not only did she waste hours searching how to do things, but she found it hard to find a clear and easy solution. Most of the documents and videos she found were just trying to sell to me and not actually helping.

After many years of struggling she decided to create The Small Business Marketing Goddess to share her knowledge in a simple and practical way – to save others the hassle and time that she wasted and create a community so women don’t feel so alone in their business and can share their frustrations, questions and celebrate their successes.

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