Natalie Smithson

Natalie Smithson is a freelance writer and creative at Bobbin About: Spinning Ideas for Communication.

Natalie assists with both content and ideas for those looking to boost their brand or get a new project off the ground. She gets very excited about baby products, activities for kids, charities that work towards positive change for children, educators, artists, and businesses that work well for families.

Having worked in marketing and digital departments for more than twenty years, Natalie has built up an eclectic range of skills across industries as diverse as financial services to wildlife film-making. She has studied the Social Sciences, photography, anthrozoology and journalism to feed an insatiable appetite for learning, exploration and personal growth.


Natalie has expanded her horizons in more ways than one having travelled extensively. She once took a year out to volunteer with rescue animals in Sri Lanka, Japan, Venezuela and Costa Rica, but now she’s a mum and step-mum her passport has expired.

Natalie uses her wealth of experience, both personal and professional, to explore new ventures on home soil with those who have the ambition and enthusiasm to create something wonderful, but need the words to get them there.