Lucy Barkas

Lucy is a professional coach with over seven years’ experience, working one-on-one and in the corporate world.

Lucy knows what it’s like to grow up doing the right thing and pleasing everyone, before breaking free to live the life she wanted. Having a marriage, house, kids and career all before she was 30, Lucy was the model modern woman who had it all. Her work life balance was enviable and she was always there for her young daughters. So why wasn’t she completely fulfilled?

Working for large organisations at a senior level, Lucy developed a passion for developing talent and coaching and mentoring. She found her own talent in helping others achieve their potential, believe in themselves and draw upon their inner strengths and natural skills. Lucy had found her calling.


Trained by the Coaches Training Institute, Lucy uses the Co-Active Model.  This focuses on the whole person, and works on the premise that we are all uniquely resourceful, creative and whole.  Lucy helps her clients find their passions, vision and purpose – and live it.

Working with both individual international clients and groups of talented, ambitious and creative women, Lucy has now reached her perfect work life balance.