Laura Sands

Laura Sands is a senior product manager for a large FMCG brand. She also writes a blog about her experiences as a working mum.

Laura has a degree in international business from Loughborough university. Over the past 11 years, she’s worked on a number of big personal care and healthcare brands, and has managed and coached newer recruits in the industry. She enjoys the human behaviour aspect of marketing, and is addicted to the thrill of seeing a hard thought-through plan come to life in market.

Laura has two small boys, and spends most of her spare time trying to wear them out. Now that her youngest is able to sit on a bike carrier, they love enjoying the open air on two wheels, working up an appetite for delicious food that Laura loves to cook when she has the chance.


After returning to work after her second son, Laura decided to blog about her experiences as a working mum – when she has time!