Katie Phillips

Katie Phillips founded The School of Self Love. She is an author, personal coach, transformational retreat leader, inspirational speaker and presenter.

Katie is inspired by other truth seekers – the drive, dedication and vulnerability of her students lights her up and has her feel on purpose. As much as she is the head teacher at The School of Self Love, she is fully aware that she is learning and growing alongside her students and is a dedicated student of her acclaimed ‘Self-Love Affair Process’.

Katie has dedicated her life to teaching what she had to learn. Her opportunity to teach, inspire and motivate others is her opportunity to grow and evolve even more. Katie is devoted to living consciously, connectedly and courageously and it is these three principles that have formalised her school curriculum.


Katie’s book – ’The Self-Love Affair – A woman’s Guide To A Daring & Mighty Life’ – ties in with Katie’s acclaimed ‘School of Self-Love’ transformational coaching programmes which guide women through a process of deeply knowing and loving themselves.

Katie is an intrepid traveller, devoted mum and girlfriend, lover of green juice, wine, the beach and yoga!