Judy Bartkowiak

Judy Bartkowiak is an author and expert NLP coach and trainer.

Judy coaches children, their parents and teenagers using NLP to address behaviour and confidence issues, eating disorders, learning issues and relationship problems. She also trains others to be NLP Kids Practitioners.

A prolific author, Judy has written a number of NLP books under her own name, and a series of children’s books under the name Judy Bee. She’s currently working with an international team of writers on the JNP Esteem Movement project, and is co-writing 30 children’s books.


Over the years, Judy has had a portfolio career. She’s a great believer in doing what you feel passionate about, and that when you do that, people are attracted to you and what you offer. Although it may take time and patience, in the end Judy believes this approach does pay off financially and, more importantly, enables you to do what you love.

Judy is also a mother of four, teaches English as a foreign language, and sells Phoenix cards. She’s also on Twitter, Facebook and has an NLP website for parents and kids.