Erica Sosna

Erica Sosna is a coach, consultant and author specialising in transformation and transition in both personal and professional life.

A gifted speaker, Erica combined her creativity and curiosity with her professional expertise to set up The Life Project in 2006, designing curriculums and programmes to help people of all ages find their career direction, plan for their future and design a career that best suits their personalities and working style.

In her own career, Erica has worked as a policy advisor for the Labour government, and performed as a stand‐up comedian at the Edinburgh Festival. As a Senior Leadership Consultant at BlessingWhite, she works with global companies, helping them to develop their talent and engage their staff.


This year Erica published her first book Your Life Plan: How to Set Yourself on the Right Path and Take Charge of Your Life. To find out more about Erica and get free resources, visit her website.