Cheryl Woodman

Cheryl is a blogging science nerd who wants to make skincare understandable to everyone.

Cheryl is a Master of Chemistry who started her career in stereotypical fashion, dressed in white coat, latex gloves and lab specs in the drug industry.

Wanting to find a more relatable way to explore her passions, she shifted focus to consumer products (cosmetics, toiletries and household). This is where things got interesting and she lovingly managed and launched products for brands such as Veet, Vanish and Airwick in the UK and whilst living in India. Seeing your ‘baby’ on the supermarket shelf, or better yet the toiletry stand in your friends bathroom, and knowing that all your hard work went behind getting it there is such a great feeling.


These days you’ll find Cheryl surrounded by testers and new dream cream formulations with the lab specs tagging along. She is working on developing a range of smartly active, natural skincare products which she will begin to launch from October 2015.