Charlotte Billington

Charlotte Billington is a professional career coach and author.

With a background in recruitment, HR consulting, career guidance and coaching, Charlotte has been advising others on their careers for 20 years.

Intuitive, practical and wanting to inspire others; she has a solid business background and experience dealing with a wide variety of industry sectors for some of the best known companies in London.


In 2011 she set up her own career coaching practice primarily working 1:1 with mid and senior level professionals and mums.

Charlotte wanted to help a wider audience in addition to her coaching clients, so in 2015 she wrote a book What to do next? A self coaching practical exercise book which takes the reader through exercises to draw out what is important to them, what they are good at and what type of work they would enjoy.

Charlotte is incredibly passionate about what she does. She believes that when on the correct career path, people are capable of great things. Her overall purpose is to help others shine in the work that they choose, to enjoy it and most importantly, get real satisfaction from it.