Andrea Anderson

Andrea Anderson is a career and leadership coach. She is passionate about helping people find happiness in business and life.

Andrea’s focus is on helping people, who want to make a change in their life, to discover what they are brilliant at and how they can make a happy living from it, in a career that they find more fulfilling.

Andrea also works with people to help them develop the leadership skills needed to create a happy and inspirational environment, for people and business to flourish in.


Andrea has over ten years experience of working in fast growth creative and digital businesses, such as and TOPSHOP TOPMAN.

She’s always instinctively understood that happy talented people thrive in cultures of freedom, the result of which is innovative, successful businesses.

Her focus and drive in working with these businesses has been on activities that deliver these outcomes – inspirational leadership; happy people, cultures of freedom, innovation, and successful businesses.

Andrea’s had a career change herself. When she became a mum, her priorities and definition of success became very different.

She spent time working out her purpose, passion and strengths and has developed her own business, aka… success, on these things, so its no surprise, she loves what she does!