Aly King-Smith

Aly King-Smith is the Founding Director of The Bird Table Group Ltd, supporting and challenging women to reach their business potential.

Aly runs a fast-growing members’ network of business coaches across the UK and Europe, who all share a passion for developing women.

The Bird Table Coaches run confidential professional development groups, in the smallest businesses and the biggest blue-chips. They’re bringing a fresh, affordable perspective to it, and disrupting the rather predictable offerings they’ve found in the corporate world, to help women get into decision making posts more quickly.


The coaches themselves receive support, challenge, development opportunities, peer coaching and the sense of a team, across the UK and Europe. Nice.

Aly believes that women working together at their best can produce miracles, and she is constantly moved by the success stories appearing from The Bird Table members. They are contracting confidentiality in a major way, then working together to help each other build more quickly.

She also confesses that groups of women at their worst can be intimidating, competitive and overwhelming, which is why she is adamant that The Bird Table coaches all produce the antidote to high pressure networking. There’s no requirement to be manicured or shiny at The Bird Table. Selling is banned and collaboration is the key.

Aly was irritated as a child that Rapunzel didn’t just cut off her plait and abseil out of the tower! What was she waiting for? The Bird Table explains all about the ethos of this organisation. If you’re a coach specialising in supporting women in business large and small you may just love it!