Ali Golds

Ali Golds is the founder and Managing Director of Operation Enterprise and The Juno Project.

Ali left school at 16 with virtually no qualifications. She tried a number of jobs before going into sales – rapidly rising to Sales and Marketing Manager at a dot com. Ali has also worked in recruitment and for the Insolvency Service, where she learned many valuable lessons on why businesses fail.

Ali is a hugely successful entrepreneur. She founded her first business in 2000, and has managed five successful businesses since.


In addition to Ali’s vast business experience, in 2008 she also qualified as a teacher at the University of Exeter. The university was so impressed with Ali they awarded her the Ted Wragg Award for Outstanding Trainee Teacher, and employed her as a lecturer as soon as she had completed her studies.

In 2011, Ali set up Operation Enterprise, a business that trains and mentors young entrepreneurs. She also continues to work with colleges to deliver consultancy and network support. More recently, Ali established The Juno Project to help young women develop and achieve their business ambitions.

Ali is currently writing a book for single mums, encouraging them to set up their own micro-businesses, and has been invited to Downing Street to discuss her work.