90% of UK professionals believe flexible working is the way forward


If you think that flexible working is the way forward, you’re in good company. A survey by specialist HR recruiter Ortus revealed that 9 out of 10 UK professionals believe that flexible working will be the most common employment model in the near future.

450 professionals across a variety of sectors took part in the research. 51% of them said they felt that the clear business benefits of efficiency and productivity were behind the increased popularity of growth of flexible working, while 12% believed it was motivated by a need to help people manage the number of hours they work. Just 10% claimed flexible working was implemented to help with gender equality.

UK director of Ortus Stephen Menko said of the findings:

“The business case [for flexible working] is obvious as it allows for efficiency savings on office costs and greater output. However the benefit to the individual of a better work-life balance and less time and money spent commuting are perhaps surprisingly ranked low.”

He concluded that maybe HR had a role in conveying the business benefit of the cost-effectiveness of flexible working in a more compelling way.

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