Three reasons why every workplace needs a mum


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Three reasons why every workplace needs a mum video auto opzioni binarie

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2) We are super-organised binary option auto trader

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3) We are almost medically qualified

This is used in the most loose sense of course, but having spent an incalculable amount of times in hospitals, pharmacies, health centres and doctors surgeries, mums have essentially absorbed seven years of medical training by a strange form of osmosis.

And in our spare time we read up on childhood illnesses and first aid so that we are super-prepared (see point above). So, should you feel unwell in the office, come and see a mum. She’ll tell you straight whether you need to pull yourself together (we’ve given birth you know, so don’t weep about having a sore throat to us), or whether you need to go straight to hospital.

As a young and frankly inept twenty-something, I was myself driven to the local A&E by our team mum – I had glass in my foot, and thought it would sort itself out. She said not, and she was right. It took an x-ray and two doctors to remove the shard of glass. Lesson learnt.

Mums carry plasters, paracetamol, bandages, wet-wipes, Calpol, teething powder and antihistamine cream in our bulging handbags wherever we go, so you will be fine if we’re around. And even if we can’t help you, we’ll make you a cup of tea, and pass you a nice soft tissue for you to blow your bunged-up nose onto.

What qualities do you think mums add to the workplace?

I couldn’t be sure how Belbin would classify this position within a team. It isn’t about managing or facilitating. Sure, there’s a lot of doing, but that’s not unique to parenthood. It’s proof that a working mother has a true niche within the workplace – and that these hardworking, caring and on occasion chaotic workplace figures truly are an asset to any organisation.

I’m sure that there are more examples of how having a mum in the workplace can enrich an organisation – if you have some thoughts, please share them in the comments. I’d love to hear your views!

* Okay, this is more relevant to industry and consumer goods vs public service and healthcare roles, but a real world sense of perspective is important in every workplace.

كيف تربح المال السهل بسرعة You can find out more about Laura’s experiences as a working mum on her blog

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