Inspire brilliant ideas with a haven of fabulous colour


Colours can have an amazing effect on our moods, emotions and behaviour. Choosing the right shades for your workspace will create an area that uplifts and inspires you, boosting your productivity and success. We’ve picked some bright ideas to liven up your working day.

1. Pantone scented candle
Pineapple and coconut milk £22

2. Swee Mei Savannah Lampshade
Handmade lampshade in linen blend designed by Etsuko Furuya for Kokka of Japan. £39.99

3. John Lewis Loft Desk, Reborn
Smart, contemporary desk with handy, coloured compartments for hiding clutter and a slot for the Loft cabinet unit. £225

4. Oka green leather business card holder
Perfectly sized to take a stack of standard-sized business cards £9

5. Liberty – Wild and Wolf red telephone
Iconic type 302 telephone originally designed by the prolific industrial designer Henry Dreyfuss in 1937 and features original mechanical bell ring.  £55

6. John Lewis – Red Bisley Multidrawer
Bisley multidrawers make great storage units for office or home use. Ideally suited to storing all types of stationery £150

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