Reasons to be cheerful (why positivity pays)


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It’s easy to be negative

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This language (the language we all tend to use) encourages us to see the worst in things – and leaves us with a mood blacker than the rainy skies you were grumbling about.

And what do you do with that black mood? You spread it around. You take it to the school gates as you drop off your now-miserable child, and you carry it into your office, quickly infecting your colleagues with the same negative mindset.

You see, like it or not, negativity is contagious, and drags others down with you. (And then their own newly-bad mood affects you right back again.) طرق لربح المال على الإنترنت You can choose to be cheerful

But there is a way forward. Every day, we make choices about our behaviour. Perhaps uniquely on this planet, we can  http auto binary it choose whether to listen to that little voice in our head, which is usually our fiercest critic and has an uncanny ability to drag up evidence of negative experiences from our past.

Or we can thank our inner voice for sharing and then tell it to shut up, because it is not helping us at all. Then we can choose to act in a different, happier way. As John Milton put it in autopzionibinarie ho perso tutto Paradise Lost: “The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell and a hell of heaven.”

That’s not to say I’m suggesting you adopt a rose-tinted view of the world. Sometimes crap is crap. But I am arguing for a trading azioni bibarie balanced view of the world, based on busn 319 real evidence.

If we want, we can harness our almost forensic ability to find fault in things, to find the flaws in our own self-fulfilling prophecies of doom, and talk to ourselves in a way we’d never talk to someone else (and expect them to be happy and thrive).

But is this helping us? And do we really want to live this way? We do have another choice, and I know because it’s one I consciously make too.

Like 95% of the world’s population, I’m not naturally gifted as a ‘positive’ person – just ask my wife! But people see me as an upbeat person who is full of energy. That’s not a natural aptitude – I have to work at it. You see I believe you can train your mind to notice the potential positives in a specific situation (while acknowledging the challenges) and then take a more balanced view. خيار ثنائي تقلب انحراف What’s the point of being positive?

So how have I come to this conclusion (after all I’m not trained in psychiatry or the related fields)? Many years ago I spoke at a conference in Sweden, and a few weeks later I was contacted by the PA to one of the delegates asking me to speak at an oncology conference.

Well, I’m not an oncologist either, I’m a professional and passionate communicator, so I asked what topic he wanted me to speak on. After much to-ing and fro-ing through his PA, we agreed that he didn’t know either. But he did know that he wanted an ‘injection’ of my positivity at his conference.

This conversation created a desire to better understand how people (including me) can learn to see the potential positives in any situation. And then take a more balanced, potentially more empowering and inspirational view.

And the great news is that this positivity is just as contagious as negativity – as was clearly the case in Sweden. My research has seen me inspired by the work of Martin Seligman and others involved in the Positive Psychology movement. I’ve found Seligman’s seminal book Authentic Happiness very helpful – and not a tree being hugged in sight!

In the past year or two, there’s been more and more interest in the benefits of positive psychology in the workplace. Daniel Hunter recently summarised some of the highlights of psychologist Sarah Lewis’s book Positive Psychology at Work in a recent blog post on the Fresh Business Thinking website.

So what is the point of taking a positive view? Well, as we explain in our workshop on this topic that we run for managers in large corporations, ‘positive’ people seem to be more attractive to be around, they seem to have more choices in life, they seem to have more control, and perhaps most tellingly of all they seem to be more successful.

And if that doesn’t put a smile on your face (and clear the dark clouds from your mind) what will?

storkpir Chris Carey is MD of Axiom Communications, a specialist internal communication agency.

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