Five tactics to help you conquer your freelance fears

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You could also attend relevant industry events  and make yourself known. Try and be helpful to both old and new contacts – send them helpful information, introduce them to other people and donate to their causes.

When you finally do start asking all of your contacts if they know anyone who needs your skills, they’ll be much more receptive than if you’d contacted them out of the blue.

binäre optionen traden lernen 4) Take on a trial project

Are you wondering whether the freelancing lifestyle will really suit you?  Liaising with clients, motivating yourself, working from home, being ultimately responsible for all aspects of your business? If so, a trial project could be a great way to try out the lifestyle before you commit to it.

Look close to home for someone who could use your skills. Can you help out a friend who has their own business or a local charity? You don’t have to charge for the work, unless it seems appropriate. The aim is to try out the process of:

  • Offering to do a piece of work.
  • Agreeing the scope.
  • Planning and delivering the work.
  • Getting some feedback from your ‘client’.

You may have to fit this project around your existing employment and/or childcare responsibilities, but this is a good exercise in juggling multiple clients.

Check whether you enjoy the end-to-end process (bearing in mind that it will be easier when you have some legitimate time to complete it and the prospect of getting paid at the end). Do you enjoy the type of work you’ve offered or was it a struggle to get it done? Did you like the sense of being in charge or did it all feel too overwhelming? Freelancing isn’t right for everyone – better to find out if you’re one of those people as soon as possible.

Being armed with the knowledge of how freelancing feels will help you to decide whether it’s right for you, and make the leap seem a lot less daunting.

binäre optionen handelssignale 2015 5) Get the right mindset

It’s quite a shift from thinking of yourself as an employee to knowing that you are entirely in charge of your own working life. It’s quite common to find yourself apologising or asking permission for things which are really no business of your client – what hours you work, where you work, what services you do and don’t offer.

The moment you realise that you get to make all those decisions is unbelievably freeing (and the moment at which most freelancers realise they could never ever go back to being employed). If you can make that mental switch before you set out on your freelancing journey, you’ll rid yourself of a lot of unnecessary fear – it’ll be replaced with a sense of excitement and opportunity!

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binaryoptionsdemo Lyndsey Miles is a freelance eCommerce Consultant, mum to two little girls and the founder of Freelance Parents, where she offers advice and coaching for parents who want to create their own family-friendly working life.

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