10 quick marketing tips that work for freelancers


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10 quick freelance marketing tips

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1) Take your marketing seriously

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2) Plan time for marketing

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3) Do one thing a day

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4) Carry on marketing even when you’re busy

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5) Never turn down an invitation

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6) Respond to requests quickly

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7) Always say yes

Because if they can’t use you this time, they’ll need to find another freelancer. And not only will you miss out on that particular job, but you could risk losing a potentially lucrative regular client.

Another advantage of this tactic is that you keep your clients happy. Which means not only will they stay loyal to you, but they’re also more likely to recommend you to other people.

8) Learn what works and do more of it

Different marketing tactics and resources will work for different people. So don’t just adopt an off-the-shelf marketing strategy, even if it works like a dream for someone else. Instead, try different ideas and test each one to see if it is worth the time and money you need to invest in it.

For example, a friend may have a strong relationship with a freelance recruiter who passes all the best jobs their way. But that same recruiter may not get any work for you. However, you could find that a particular freelance jobs site brings you in 60% of all your projects. The aim is to identify what works for you and do more of it.

9) Up sell whenever you can

Try to make a point of always asking your clients how else you can help them. So for example if they ask you to design a logo for them, ask if they are happy with their current website, or need any new flyers. You never know when a polite question may yield you more opportunities for work.

10) Get a well-known client

Our final tip is to try and do a piece of work, however small, for a well-known and respected company – and then use their name, logo or testimonial on your marketing activities.

Being hired by a well-known brand will act as a badge of quality for other companies maybe nervous of working with a freelancer they don’t know. They can feel assured that if a big organisation trusted you enough to employ your services then you must be good.

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